Stephen Hamilton

For Stephen Hamilton, food is visual. This leading culinary photographer, known to many for his work on Top Chef, wanted an online portfolio that seamlessly blends his still photography and video work. After a successful collaboration with Mighty Few on a previous Flash-based portfolio, we used the redesign as an opportunity to create a modern, responsive site that kept some of the favorite animated elements of his previous site. The result? A site that feels both fresh and familiar.
Role: Responsive Front-End Development, CMS Integration

Portfolio page
Who's Hungry page

“Brett is an ingenious developer. He’s become our go-to resource not only because of his unique eye for detail and the innovative ideas he brings to the table, but more importantly, because he’s always such a joy to work with.”

Stephen Hamilton—Photographer and Director

Responsive front-end development

When a site is packed with big, beautiful images and videos, page load size can get out of hand quickly. Lazy loading assets into the homepage grid reduced the initial page load by 95% (true story!). Adjusting the typography scale and delivering appropriately sized images makes the rest of the site a joy to browse from any device.

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