Static Interactive is the web development studio of Brett Burwell. I specialize in delivering thoughtfully built, design driven sites that are brought to life by an open, collaborative process. My background in design affords me a unique fluency when communicating with designers, a wider perspective when considering a client’s goals, and a healthy obsession with the details during the development process.


Working Relationships

Beyond building websites, I enjoy building relationships. I place great value on project management, clear communication and customer service, and am just as invested in your happiness with the process as I am with the final outcome.

Agencies + Designers

Creating responsive sites for today's multi-device web has lead to a design and development process that is more interconnected than ever. My design background makes me uncommonly suited to the demands of design-driven development. Whether working side-by-side with an independent designer or serving as the trusted interactive go-to for more traditionally minded agencies, I seek out and thrive in demanding creative partnerships.

Businesses + Organizations

Walking clients through the whats and hows involved with bringing a website to life is a deeply satisfying part of my job. Websites can be complex little beasts, but the process shouldn't be shrouded in mystery or technical mumbo jumbo. A quality website can be transformational and I value being a part of that. By educating and empowering them and keeping communication open, I strive to make sure my clients feel confident and prepared to master their little corner of the web.

Guiding Principles

  1. Quality over quantity. The size of my studio is small by design. Focusing intensely on a limited number of projects allows me to doggedly pursue excellence.
  2. Know what you know. For more than a decade I've been building a very particular skill set. Taking on projects in areas I'm passionate about and experienced with keeps everyone happy.

  3. Be nice. Simple enough.


I've been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented designers, creative directors, and agencies over the years. Our collaborations have been featured by Communication Arts, .net Magazine, Awwwards, UnderConsideration, Site Inspire, Minimal Sites, the official ExpressionEngine showcase, Adobe Typekit, Abduzeedo, and even once made a brief and amusing appearance on CNN.