Omega Yeast

In the craft beer world Omega Yeast is respected for creating high quality yeasts for pro and homebrewers alike. Working closely with my friends at Knoed Creative we delivered a website that meets the demands of Omega’s rapidly growing business and gives them a modern online presence that’s setup to evolve with them over time.
Role: Front-End Development, Craft CMS Integration

Elevator speech page
Work landing page

“I've been spoiled by working with Brett – I have yet to meet another developer who just gets it like he does – who has the same attention to detail and level of technical knowledge paired with exceptional design sensibility. Beyond that, he's just a great guy to grab a beer with.”

Kyle Eertmoed—Partner + Designer, Knoed Creative

Responsive front-end development

A handful of mobile layouts were provided by Knoed, but the rest of the responsive details were tackled during development. Leaning on my design background during this step of the buildout created cost-savings for the project while still ensuring a highly performant user experience on devices of any size.

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