Layer Tennis

Layer Tennis, the brain-child of Coudal Partners, pits the best and brightest of the creative world in friendly design matches. The whole event unfolds live on the site supported by witty and (often) ridiculous play-by-play commentary. Working closely with the fine folks at One Design, we rebuilt the entire experience from the ground up. A Craft CMS powers the back-end and makes keeping up with all of the match day updates a snap for the folks at Coudal.
Role: Responsive Front-End Development, CMS Integration

Layer Tennis Match page
Layer Tennis Seasons page

“You always know what you're going to get working with Brett: A positive, can-do attitude, excellent colloboration and a high-quality final product. Brett works seamlessly with our team and even under the most difficult situations stays organized, thoughtful and up-beat.”

Noah Bernsohn
Director of Operations, One Design

Responsive front-end development

With a whirlwind of social media chatter and link sharing happening on match days a good chunk of visitors access the site on mobile devices. The responsive site elegantly scales down to the smallest screen sizes. Intelligent asset loading and heavy-duty caching, implemented by the One Design, keep things humming along at any connection speed.

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