Tom, Dick & Harry

Tom, Dick & Harry, a Chicago-based advertising agency, prides itself on craft and creativity. Inspired by old workers’ unions, the site’s aesthetic reflects the hand-built branding the agency specializes in. Behind the scenes, a robust CMS gives TDH fine-grained control over the presentation of their content while ensuring the integrity of the original design.
Role: Front-End Development, CMS Integration, Project Management

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“We respect Brett and his work immensely. He's a true craftsman, a problem solver and a great guy. We’ve found out just how rare he is. Looking forward to continuing to do more amazing work with you.”

David Yang
Creative Partner + Co-Founder, TDH

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The portfolio pages were constructed to be endlessly flexible. The CMS that powers them makes use of a simple drag-and-drop interface to build pages from unique combinations of six different modules. This allows TDH to craft a highly customized presentation of their work that feels fresh, yet always unified, as you browse from one client to the next.

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